>> April 17, 2010
Mailorder, Sound and Fury
Hey peoples. So we're slowly getting our stock back from Lumberjack, and are slowly getting all of the mailorder out to you. Thanks for your patience, and if you have any specific questions, please hit us up at info AT 1917records DOT com. :)

Sound and Fury 2010 (July 23-25, Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, CA) is kicking into gear - peep all the latest updates here: www.soundandfuryfestival.com


>> September 17, 2009
Sorry for the lack of updates lately - our distributor (Lumberjack) went out of biz, owing us 5 figures in $, and that has caused a few issues which is really slowing down mailorder. We're transitioning over to Rev right now, and dealing with that and separately working on getting all of the mail order fulfilled. Sorry for the delays, and thanks for understanding. This has always been a small operation, and we've been crippled by this.

Guns Up! is playing Belgium on Sept. 5. For details check their MySpace. More details on stateside shows for GU! soon.


>> January 20, 2009
Iz Out
The Guns Up! retrospective DVD, All This Was is in retail stores across the country now. Featuring the full set from their last show on February 2, 2007 in Hudson, MA, as well as interviews with the members of the band, this DVD is a nice cherry on the top of GU!'s 5 year run. You can also grab this in our webstore: www.1917warehouse.com.

In Violation news, they'll be playing the final Internal Affairs show @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on February 21. There's also an interview w/ Derek from Violation up here.

More soon...

>> September 25, 2008
I. Guns Up! DVD
II. Violation Shows & Preorders
III. I Rise 2 Europe
IV. Bracewar & Attitude leftover Sound and Fury '08 Merch

I. Guns Up! DVD

So my dudes in GU! have a DVD coming out on December 9th (though that date might get moved up to late-November). I will post if that happens). It's the last show plus interviews with 'em talking about cool shit. Here's a trailer that was cut by my dude Dave Stauble (who also edited the entire DVD): http://www.vimeo.com/1574047.

II. Violation Shows & Preorders

Preorders for Violation's LP Devoured are 75% sent out. If you haven't received yours, you will soon. Until then, if you weren't aware, you receive mp3's of the album when you purchase it, so simply login to the 'My Account' area of http://www. 1917warehouse.com and grab 'em.

Violation is also doing a mini-California jaunt with Trash Talk, Alpha & Omega, and Rotting Out:

November 12 @ Pharoah's Den (Riverside)
November 13 @ Casa de la Raza (Santa Barbara)
November 14 @ Gilman (Berkeley)

...and here's another track off of their LP in case you haven't checked 'em out yet: http://www.1917records.com/mp3/violation-lowandbehold.mp3

III. I Rise 2 Europe

I Rise was going to Europe w/ Internal Affairs - but that's off because Internal Affairs has decided to break up. Now, I Rise is rollin' w/ Verse & Anchor. This is happening in mid-to-late November 'til early December. For more details, hit their MySpace.

IV. Bracewar & Attitude leftover Sound and Fury '08 Merch

Few items. Random sizes. Check it yourself and then resell it on eBay for 2-3x what you buy it from me for. www.1917warehouse.com.


1917 Listening Booth

Blondie - The Tide is High
Less Than Jake - The Science of Selling Yourself Short
John Lennon - Instant Karma
Muse - Fury

DJ Quik - Tonite
Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness
Cannibal Corpse - Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie
Cam'ron - Suck It Or Not/Wet Wipes

Jesus Jones - Real, Real, Real
Ace of Base - All That She Wants
Shai - If I Ever Fall in Love
Live - Dolphins Cry
Dee Lite - Groove is in the Heart

>> December 4, 2007
Oh, you know...
II. New Merch Galore...
III. 1917 Download Store
IV. I Rise, War Hungry on the road.


1917 is happy to announce that Toronto's MILLENIAL REIGN and California's VIOLATION will be joining the 1917 roster.

Violation has been steadily active and are currently writing their follow up to the Possessed EP, released earlier this year. Look for their debut LP/CD early Summer '08. Until then, you can listen to the entire Possessed EP here - www.soundandfurycollective.com/records/violation


Toronto's Millenial Reign are working on the finishing touches for their debut EP, Bones, Dust, Nothing. For now, "Luminous Veil" from is available on their myspace - www.myspace.com/themillenialreign - and speaks as much for this band as their infamous pedigree.


II. Big Merch Update

Lots of new merch for all of the current bands as well as a few classics we are dusting off. Keep your eyes peeled for further expansions in the webstore, but enjoy these for now!



III. 1917 Download Store

As you may or may not have noticed recently, 1917 is now offering *immediate* mp3 downloads for all vinyl purchases on the 1917 Warehouse (www.1917warehouse.com). All of the releases include high resolution cover artwork, as well as a PDF of the insert that comes with the record.

At the same time, if you're a person who avoids clutter, CD's, and vinyl, but still want to grab the tracks and artwork (or because you want to support the label and band by buying the release after you downloaded it somewhere else, but don't want to pay shipping...), you can do that here as well! Check that out here:


Several of the releases come with bonus material, such as the War Hungry 7" which comes with their full live set from this summers Sound and Fury Festival, and the Cold World 12" which contrains a 30+ minute dub-step remix by the bands drummer, Nick Woj.

The base quality of the downloads is 192 kbps, with some releases having the option to grab them at 320 kbps for $.25 more.


IV. I RISE and WAR HUNGRY hit the road...

I Rise looks forward to spending much of their time this winter touring, with a weekend trip to Canada with Soul Control coming up December 13th - 16th. Following this is an east coast trip with Maintain to This Is For You Fest. Check out Soul Control and Maintain, too. Very cool new(er) bands.


Dec 13 - Toronto, Ontario @ Adrift Skatepark
Dec 14 - Ottawa, Ontario @ End Hits Basement
Dec 15 - Montreal, Quebec @ Black Dots
Dec 16 - Syracuse, New York @ Wescott Comm. Center
Dec 28 - Conway, South Carolina
Dec 29 - Daytona Beach, Florida @ THIS IS FOR YOU FEST
Dec 31 - Lawrenceville, Georgia @ The Treehouse
Jan 2 - Nashville, Tennessee @ The Muse
Jan 3 - Cleveland, Ohio @ The Brothel
Jan 5 - Lemoyne, Pennsylvania @ Championship
Jan 7 - Utica, New York @ Plant Street
Jan 12 - Worcester, Massachusetts @ The Pallaidum


War Hungry will be heading out through the south with Meltdown. Here's their dates:

Dec 29 - Auburn,NY @ Auburn Public Theatre
Dec 30 - Lemoyne,PA @ Championship
Dec 31 - Kernersville,NC @ Creation Skatepark
Jan 1 - Atlanta,GA @ The Treehouse
Jan 2 - Chattanooga,NY @ Sugar Ribs
Jan 3 - Pensacola,FL @ Sluggos
Jan 4 - Orlando,FL @ Island Oasis
Jan 5 - Birmingham,AL @ Cave 9
Jan 6 - Nashville,TN @ The Muse
Jan 7 - Columbus,OH @ The High Five
Jan 8 - Romeo,MI @ Static Age
Jan 9 - Cleveland,OH @ The Brothel


Be good-

>> July 24, 2007
I'm the Alpha, with No Omega....
No Omega, the collection of all Cold World material to date, is out and in stores - today! Containing all of the tracks from their first s/t 7" (Walk All Night), the Ice Grillz 7" (Lockin Out), as well as their Split with War Hungry (Six Feet Under), and their track on the Fucked Up mixtape, Vol. 2. Along with the CD is a 24-page booklet with liner notes from Nick and Alex of Cold World, as well as Damian from Fucked Up, Greg Willmott of Mental/Lockin Out, Hoodrack of War Hungry fame, and more. Not to be overshadowed, a DVD containing over 90 minutes of tour footage, and live footage also comes bundled with the CD release. It's a package we're really, really proud of, and we think everyone who picks it up will be happy with it as well.

Preorders? CD/DVD orders for No Omega have shipped, and the vinyl for the No Omega should ship the first week of August - don't feel like you're missing out, though - the vinyl version is actually coming out about a month from today, so you're not missing out. Also, keep in mind that once your order ships (you'll receive an email), you'll be able to go to the MY ACCOUNT section and download the mp3's (192 bit-rate)!

Bracewar will have their new record, Juggernaut out on 8.7.07. You can download a brand new track, Calling Out, right here. You can also preorder it now!

Attitude is currently on tour with Crime on Stereo, and they have their new 7", Turn Into Stone, with them! You can either grab an mp3 of the title track here, or listen to the entire record in a streaming eCard format here.

Cold World, I Rise, Snake Eyes, War Hungry, and Bracewar will have thier brand new records at Sound and Fury for the first time. The last 3 will have special presses for Sound and Fury.

Be good-

>> March 22, 2007
New bands, new records, new merch
Alright. To start it off, 1917 has added two new bands to the fold.

First being War Hungry from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Dudes just got back from a European tour, and will be rolling across the entire US this summer. They'll also be hitting Southern California for 3 shows in mid-April (14-16) with Iron Age & Rise and Fall. For more info, check the Tours page. We've also posted an mp3 from their split with Cold World on Six Feet Under Records (which you can buy here). The mp3 is for the track "Final Hour" - you can download it here.

Second is I Rise from Worcester, MA. ex-Youth Attack members who will be recording a 7" in April for their Summer tour with Down to Nothing, Verse, and Allegiance on their way out to Sound and Fury. We've made their entire demo (w/ lyrics) available for download here.

In additional Wilkes-Barre news, 1917 is going to be re-issuing the Cold World's Ice Grillz record, which was originally released on Lockin Out. It's slated to contain all of the original tracks, as well as tracks from their split with War Hungry, and some bonus DVD footage. It's also worth noting that Cold World will be entering Underground Sound Studios with Billy and Danny (Biohazard) sometime this Spring/Summer to record an album for their new label, Deathwish, Inc.. If you cannot wait for that, check out the Deathwish Podcast on iTunes for a new Cold World track.

Bracewar has demo'd a few tracks in preparation for recording their LP Juggernaut up in Stoughton, Mass. in mid-April. You can check those tracks out on their MySpace: www.myspace.com/bracewar.

We've also got a ton of new Guns Up!, Attitude, Bracewar, and 1917 merch on the 1917 Warehouse site. Check it!


>> November 12, 2006
Guns Up!: Last Shows
Announcement from the band:

Four and a half years; hundreds of shows, three US tours, three East Coast trips, a European tour, countless weekends, three records, who knows how many demos...four guitar players, three drummers, three bass players, two vans, at least a few grand worth of broken equipment, and about 12,458 shirt designs later...

...Guns Up! is done.

In brief, we've accomplished everything we could have ever hoped for. It's been a wild ride.

We would like to thank Sean Riley, Sean McKendry, Luke Dedeus, Steve Zuretti, Ryan Phillips, Justin Paling, Chucky Edge, James Vitalo, Michael Dolloff and anyone/everyone else as well as every band that's helped us along the way.

Your support and encouragement has been invaluable.

In addition to the couple shows we have currently scheduled, we will be playing 2 final shows on the West Coast:

January 12 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Sinking Ships, Shipwreck, and Violation
January 13 - Ventura, CA @ Alpine w/ Sinking Ships, Shipwreck, and Violation

And a final show on the East Coast:

February 3 - Haverhill, MA @ Welfare Records w/ Have Heart, Verse, Shipwreck, Harder the Fight, and Resist

Much love and respect,
Dan Heselton, Mike Kinlin, Rick Nukem, Greg Kell, and Chris Bailey


On a personal level, I'd like to say that meeting these 5 guys has been one of the highlights of my life. I talk to each of these guys on a regular basis, and would consider them as some of my closest friends. A special chapter of my life, no doubt about it. To anyone who has helped GU! and myself along the way, I hope to see you February to celebrate (Common Ground?).


Out Now!
Guns Up! DVD
All This Was

Out Now!
Violation CD/LP/Digital

Out Now!
I Rise CD/LP/Digital
...for Redemption

Out Now!
Cold World CD/LP/Digital
No Omega

Out Now!
War Hungry 7"/Digital
Return to Earth

Out Now!
Bracewar CD/LP/Digital

Out Now!
Attitude 7"/Digital
Turn Into Stone

Out Now!
I Rise CD/7"/Digital

Out Now!
Guns Up! CD/LP

Bringing to the table honesty, intensity, and an unrivaled fury, Guns Up! from Haverhill, Mass. are quickly becoming a favorite up and down the East Coast. While ripping out tunes...READ MORE >>

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